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Encompassing all aspects of the human resources and payroll function, the Engage™ software suite enables the entire employee lifecycle to be managed from a single database. The system leverages the best benefits of cloud computing, is fully legislatively compliant, and incorporates robust security features and data-to-dashboard reporting.

Engage™ comprises several integrated modules that can be tailored to suit the needs of any business and seamlessly integrated into existing ERP systems.


Remunerate assists companies with all activities pertaining to employees’ remuneration and benefits. Each module in the solution allows for ease of transactions, recording of history and data-to-dashboard reporting.


Participate is designed to ensure labour legislation compliance so that management can focus on business strategy. The solution’s various modules are geared to simplifying administration while generating meaningful information and data-to-dashboard reporting for decision-making.


myWorkday is a mobile application that enables employees to interact quickly and easily with all the human capital solutions in their organisation.


Envolve is an elegant resource management and data-to-dashboard reporting tool that has evolved from punitive resource monitoring systems and generations of unsuccessful employee engagement tools into a solution that works for both employer and employee.


iProcess is a process management system that automates transparency throughout core business process, from start to finish.

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Fit-for-purpose ISO 45001 Health & Safety ERP Suite

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